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This section includes a number of valuable ADR links.

 ARC: Alternative Resolution Centers: Conflict Resolution for the 21st Century: established over twenty years ago by Lee Friedman, Steven Davis and Amy Newman, ARC is a full-service conflict resolution firm with large panel of mediators, arbitrators and neutrals. Max is on their panel.

AAA: American Arbitration Association: the nation’s leading provider of conflict management and dispute resolution services. Founded in 1926, it has developed several experienced and highly trained panels of mediators and arbitrators, with specific subject matter experience, including: Commercial, Construction, Employment, Health Care, Labor and Securities.

AMCC: Arbitration, Mediation & Conciliation Center: provides competent, knowledgeable and industrious alternative dispute resolution professionals.

CADN: California Academy of Distinguished Neutrals: statewide organization. The website is designed to make life easier for trial attorneys, house counsel, adjusters and law firm support staff. Please visit:

JCF: Jewish Community Foundation: Family Foundation Resource Center, whose purpose is to provide information and contacts for managing/resolving private conflict in families.

IAM: International Academy of Mediators: worldwide organization for neutrals of commercial disputes with highest standards of professionalism and competence. Members (Fellows) are the top in their profession.

LEADR is an Australasian mediation association, with member countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Japan, besides Australia and New Zealand.

LACBA: Los Angeles County Bar Association Dispute Resolution Services: a non-profit, apolitical alternative dispute resolution pioneer service, founded 22 years ago for fee disputes.

LASC ADR: Los Angeles Superior Court Alternative Dispute Resolution, listing all the options available for settling a dispute which would otherwise be litigated.

LASC: Los Angeles Superior Court: there are many excellent resources available through this site: a superb database from which to evaluate judicial performance (such as: how often a particular judge has granted and/or denied summary judgment motions in a contract action) and immediate on-line access to the case register for L.A. Superior Court cases by case number. This popular site has a "locate a mediator" database in which one may search by area code, location, type of practice, or name.

NASDDR: National Association of Securities Dealers Dispute Resolution: alternative resolutions for financial disputes.

National Mediation Training Registry: Member of the National Mediation Training Registry

SCMA: Southern California Mediation Association: Southern California's own tax exempt organization which promotes mediation and collaborative problem solving. Its database of mediators includes trained professionals from several disciplines, including law, real estate and psychotherapy. The SCMA has adopted the Model Standards for Professional Mediators.

 Arbitrators' & Mediators' Institute of New Zealand, Inc.   AMINZ is the leading body in New Zealand for people working in dispute resolution.


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