Time to call the neutral?

We make every effort to accommodate your preferred dates and urge you to call to check the very latest availability and to confirm Mr. Factor's schedule.

Mr. Factor works with different agencies which administer his mediation and arbitration work, and which have offices throughout California: Downtown Los Angeles, Century City, Santa Monica, Ventura, Riverside, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco.  For further details on these, please call Irene on 310-749-2766.

For immediate assistance with availability for mediations and arbitrations, please contact:
Nicole Bethurum at ARC (Alternative Resolutions Centers; 310-284-8224;

Irene at Mr. Factor's office on 310-749-2766;


For immediate assistance with arbitrations, please contact the American Arbitration Association ( on 800-778-7879 or
Irene at Mr. Factor's office on 310-749-2766;


Thank you.

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