Fees for Mediation & Neutral Evaluation:
Hourly rate: $750
Full-day Mediation: total of $7,250 (8 hours + up to 2 hrs prep & follow through)
Half-day Mediation: total of $4,250 (4 hours + up to 2 hrs prep & follow through) 

Preparation: To promote a successful resolution, up to an estimated two hours is generally spent in preparation, such as reading briefs and material documents, and in private telephone discussions with counsel prior to mediation, as well as any necessary follow-up phone conversations and other communications to finalize an agreement in the event a mediation does not resolve within a single day. All mediations shall be billed a one-hour preparation fee, which said preparation fee is included in the all-day and half-day rates.

Mediation/Neutral Evaluation Cancellation Policy: Within 14 days of the scheduled date of a mediation, should a mediation be canceled, the mediator shall be entitled to receive the mediation fees billed and payment of 100% of the mediator's fees shall be due and a refund will be provided to the extent we are able to book the same day with another mediation or arbitration.

Postponement and Rescheduling Policy: Within 14 days of the scheduled date of a mediation, a mediation may be postponed and rescheduled without an additional charge for the first postponement. Thereafter, for any subsequent postponement and rescheduling the mediator shall be entitled to receive 50% of the mediation fees billed for the postponed date(s).

Travel Expenses:

When the location of a mediation or arbitration hearing is set at a distance of more than 30 miles from Downtown Los Angeles, travel time to and from that location is charged at a rate of 50% of the hourly rate.  Should any hearings be held at venues more than 30 miles from Downtown Los Angeles and should such hearings take place on consecutive days, billing for a reasonably-priced hotel for each relevant night may be made instead of charging for extra travel time.  When it is appropriate to go to more distant locations, air travel and lodging costs will be estimated and charged, with any residue or shortfall to be reimbursed or further charged as appropriate.

For further help please call Nicole at ARC on 310-284-8224 / email Nicole@arc4adr.com
or call Irene on 310-749-2766 / email Max@FactorADR.com  


Mr. Factor's mediations are organized by ARC (www.arc4adr.com) or the American Arbitration Association (www.adr.org).

ARC's Fee Schedule is based on an hourly rate and does not differ for multi-party cases or for different hearing formats.  No fee will be charged until your hearing is on calendar.
ADMINISTRATION/FILING FEE (with ARC): $325.00 Per Party (non-refundable)
PAYMENT FOR SERVICES:  All statements rendered by ARC shall be due and payable upon receipt.
RETAINER POLICY: the hourly fee for the scheduled time shall be paid in advance and shall be applied toward any final billing.
CONTINUANCE, WITHDRAWAL AND REFUND POLICY: any continuance or cancellation at the request of a party of a matter scheduled for fewer than 8 hours in duration requires at least 14 days notice to ARC.  If the matter is scheduled for 8 hours or longer, at least 45 days notice to ARC is required.  If ARC does not receive the required notice, the full charge for the scheduled duration will be due and payable.  Continuances are strongly disfavored. 








































































































































































































































































































































































































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